Childrens Author Renee Adams introduces a new book series – Two facts and a Fib books.

These interactive books are non-fiction, highly engaging, extremely kid-friendly. Each page has a photograph and 3 facts about the picture. Students must guess which is the fib. Answers are located in the back of the book. The book covers, interior photographs, and content appeal to a broad range of children and are age appropriate for preschool through 5th grade. These books are not only used in the classroom as a teaching aid, but are also used by parents, grandparents, and siblings as a new format of learning, making reading fun!

The series includes Wildlife, Zoo Animals, Amazing Birds, Symbols of America, American Presidents, Florida, Michigan, Dogs, JobsTransportation, and Really Gross Things.

Renee Adams is available for Meet the Author and Game show Presentations at your school. Her new non-fiction book series, Two Facts and a Fib, engages children in learning fun facts about several subjects.

The author visit includes an electronic game show presentation that is getting rave reviews from teachers and students. It promotes learning while demonstrating a high energy experience. The electronic game system has flashing lights, buzzers, sound effects, automatic score keeping, and microphones. The Two Facts and a Fib Game Show features multiple players, having both teachers/parents and students play together promoting teamwork. This presentation has evolved to a new level in state of the art learning!

All ages will enjoy Renee’s motivating and energetic presentations. She is available for school visits, family reading nights, and professional associations. We appreciate your interest in seeking new interactive education for your children.